Eastern Plating’s Management team has over a century's worth of practical experience in the electroplating industry. Our background is in sales and service of proprietary plating chemistry and equipment, prior to founding Eastern Plating in 1983.

 Eastern Plating has never failed to deliver customer parts on time due to 'downtime'. Redundant PLC-Controlled nickel , nickel-chrome , zinc , and tin plating lines share interchangeable tooling. 

​The foundation of our success at Eastern Plating will always be our customer service.

Let us prove it to you. Send us a sample part or print along with the plating specifications and anticipated monthly volume. We will sample plate, demonstrate our quality, and return them along with a quotation.

Our Team

Eastern Plating is one the largest and most diversified providers of electroplating services in the Eastern United States. Centrally located off I-40, our east Tennessee plating headquarters service not only the Eastern US, but customers throughout North America.

​With 20 rack and barrel electro plating machines we can ensure consistent high-quality electroplating with fast turnaround, while also being very price competitive.

We take pride in providing services that consistently meet the strict plating quality and turnaround requirements of the automotive, electronics, appliance, furniture, and consumer products markets.

About us


At Eastern Plating, our goal is to further increase our long-term competitiveness with minimal impact on people and the environment. We use the term “sustainability” to describe our long-term approach to balancing our business priorities with our social, economic and environmental responsibilities.