Chromating services

Chrome Plating Service Capacities (per finish type)

Barrel Chrome Plating: Up to 52,000 pounds per day.

Rack Chrome Plating: Up to 13,000 square feet per day.

Common Applications & Specifications for Chrome Plating Services

Chromate plating conversion coatings are common on items such as zinc diecast, automotive parts, hardware and tools. Steel parts must be plated with zinc chromating.

Chromating is commonly used on zinc-plated parts to protect the zinc from white corrosion, which is primarily a cosmetic issue. Chromating services provide the additional value of acting as a primer for subsequent organic coatings. Parts that have undergone chromating retain their electrical conductivity to varying degrees, depending on coating thickness. Chromating services may be used to add color for decorative or identification purposes.

Chromating Services: Trivalent Chromate and Clear Chromate

Chromate conversion coating is applied to passivate zinc (either plated zinc or zinc diecastings) to slow corrosion. To be in compliance with RoHS and ELV legislation, Eastern Plating's chromating services use Trivalent Chromates exclusively. This chromating method is less toxic to the environment than the hexavalent chromates used in the past.

Chromating coatings are soft and gelatinous when first applied but harden and become hydrophobic as they age. Curing can be accelerated by heating up to 70C, but higher temperatures will gradually damage the coating over time.