Copper coatings and decorative copper plating applications:

Underplate and enhance adhesion of deposits
Improve electrical properties
Impair migration of alloying elements into the final plated deposit
Improve corrosion resistance of the overall deposit

As a final deposit, our copper plating services can:

Enhance brazing capabilities
Improve conductivity of substrate materials
Act as a high-temperature lubricant
Be used as a jacketing for projectiles
Serve as a heat treatment stop-off
Improve color finish of surface for artistry

Request a free, no obligation quoteto learn if copper plating services are right for your application. We offer a very flexible production range in regards to size, volume, and thickness. Depending on your needs, Eastern Plating can consult with you to determine the most cost-effective and highest-quality plating process for you.

Alkaline Copper Plating 

Eastern Plating specializes in the alkaline striking methods that are essential for effectively plating steel, zinc, and aluminum substrates. Copper plating has excellent throwing power, making it ideal for precision applications requiring minimal thickness variations. This high quality plating method is commonly used to produce intricate, geometrically complex parts that require a highly uniform finish.

Copper Plating

Copper plating services provide excellent electrical conductivity, decorative value, easy polishing, and malleability. Copper plating features a high level of thermal conductivity, making it suitable for a wide variety of applications. Eastern plating's copper plating process is equipped to produce matte or bright finishes with varying ranges of deposit hardness and ductility.