Markets served

Eastern Plating's electroplating services are custom designed to meet the needs of all types of industries, including:

   Automotive Plating 

   Appliance Plating 

   Electronics Plating 

   Furniture Plating 

   Electroplating for Consumer Products 

   Military Plating Services 

Eastern Plating also provides tubular electroplating, wire/rod electroplating, HVAC electroplating,  electroplating for connectors and an array of custom services. 

We provides electroplating services for customers from Canada to Mexico and everywhere in between. Whether you're looking for automotive plating, electronics plating or specialized electroplating services for nearly any industry, Eastern Plating is your source for top quality, reliable electroplating. By maintaining low PPM's and rapid turnaround, we ship finished parts directly to automotive, furniture, appliance, and electronics end users daily.