Eastern Plating also offers DUPLEX NICKEL, a finish used primarily in the trucking and automotive industries for exterior parts. This finish offers better corrosion protection and less stress of the deposit at higher thicknesses than single layer nickel.


ASTM B-456
VW 13750
BMW GS 90010
TSH 6504G
HES D 2003-99A
NES M4063

Common Applications

The nickel chrome plating is typically used to protect and improve the appearance of metals, (i.e. iron, steel, brass, & copper), serve as a corrosion barrier, and act as a leveling substrate for chrome. Commercially, nickel chrome plating is deposited in thicknesses ranging from 0.0002”- 0.0010”, depending upon the intended application and the corrosion protection required, the majority of which is 0.0002”-0.0003”, commonly known as “Commercial Nickel”.

Nickel Chrome Plating

Nickel chrome plating is used extensively by Eastern Plating to protect cold rolled steel, hot rolled steel, casted steel, sintered steel, copper, brass, and zinc diecast. The protective nature, ductility, and attractive appearance of nickel chrome plating make it a popular coating for appliances, furniture, hand tools, metal stampings, automotive components, and fabricated parts for industrial applications.

Nickel chrome plating has high thermal and electrical conductivities, excellent strength, and toughness at higher temperatures. Nickel chrome is a barrier finish which exhibits high resistance to corrosion and oxidation.

Eastern Plating's multiple automated rack nickel chrome plating lines are designed to handle high volumes of both small and large parts. Redundant PLC-Controlled nickel chrome plating lines share interchangeable tooling with our other electroplating lines. Eastern Plating has never failed to deliver customer parts on-time due to 'downtime.'



We do not rechrome bumpers, wheels, or any other personal parts.

Process Advantages

Decorative appearance
Corrosion Resistance
Abrasion and Scuffing Resistance
Diffusion Barrier

Nickel Chrome Plating Capacities (per finish type)

Barrel Nickel Plating: Up to 9,000 pounds per day.
Rack Nickel Chrome Plating: Part size up to 48" x 108"