ASTM B841-99 AMS 2417
GM GM6138M
BMW GS90010
Chrysler PS 8955
Ford WSA-M1 P87
GMW 4700
Mercedes DBL8451
Honda HES D 2003 – 99A
Toyota TSH 6530G
Volkswagon TL 244

Process Advantages

Significant Corrosion Protection
Paint reception

Zinc Nickel Plating Capacities

Barrel Zinc Nickel Plating: 10,000 lbs per day
Rack Zinc Nickel Plating: 

Common Applications

Zinc nickel is typically applied from 0.0002 to 0.0005 in. Our alkaline bath contains 10-16% nickel alloy. Zinc Nickel plating is often used to plate brackets, fasteners, anchors, cleats, bolts, and coaxial cables.



Zinc-Nickel Plating

Zinc-Nickel is used extensively by Eastern Plating to provide a coating that will achieve exceptional corrosion protection. Industries requiring this finish are automotive, construction, agricultural, mining, defense, aerospace and electronics. Connectors, joining components, fasteners and fluid transfer tubes are components commonly plated in zinc-nickel.

Eastern Plating utilizes zinc-nickel chemistry which deposits a uniform coating. The nickel alloy content is evenly distributed throughout the part at 10%-16%. The finish also exhibits excellent thermal properties, the highest abrasion resistance of all zinc alloys and is commonly an accepted replacement for zinc or cadmium plating. The major benefit of zinc-nickel is that it will pass 1000 hours with no red rust in salt spray testing per ASTM B-117.