Eastern Plating's electroplating services are custom designed to meet the needs of all types of industries, including:

   Automotive Plating 

   Appliance Plating 

   Electronics Plating 

   Furniture Plating 

   Electroplating for Consumer Products 

   Military Plating Services 

Eastern Plating also provides tubular electroplating, wire/rod electroplating, HVAC electroplating,  electroplating for connectors and an array of custom services. 

We provides electroplating services for customers from Canada to Mexico and everywhere in between.

Waste Treatment matters to us! We have received commendations year after year for our efforts in reducing wastes and recycling.  

​​​​​Eastern Plating is one the largest and most diversified providers of electroplating finishing services in the Eastern United States. Centrally located off I-40 and I-81, our east Tennessee plating headquarters services not only the Eastern US, but customers throughout North America.

​With 23 rack and barrel plating machines in house, we can ensure consistent high-quality electroplating with fast turnaround, while also being very price competitive.
We take pride in providing services that consistently meet the strict plating quality and turnaround requirements of the markets served.
Let us prove it to you!

At Eastern Plating, our goal is to further increase our long-term competitiveness with minimal impact on people and the environment. We use the term “sustainability” to describe our long-term approach to balancing our business priorities with our social, economic and environmental responsibilities.

​​Offering finishing services for Manufactures