Nickel Chrome 

Nickel chrome plating is used extensively by Eastern Plating to protect cold rolled steel, hot rolled steel, casted steel, sintered steel, copper, brass, and zinc diecast. The protective nature, ductility, and attractive appearance of nickel chrome plating make it a popular coating for oven racks/grill in appliances,chrome furniture, hand tools such as wrenches and sockets, metal stampings, automotive components such as headrests and exhaust pipes, and fabricated parts for industrial applications.

Process Advantages:
Decorative appearance
Corrosion Resistance
Abrasion and Scuffing Resistance
Diffusion Barrier

Nickel Chrome Plating Capacities (per finish type)
Barrel Nickel Plating: Up to 9,000 pounds per day.
Rack Nickel Chrome Plating: Part size up to 48" x 108"